Mature Dating Tips for Older Singles

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Want to hear a secret?

You’ve still got it.

Yes, we’re being serious!

You might not be as young as you once were, but you’ve got experience and maturity on your side. You’ve got the zest of life in you, pinching away and eager to have a great time. And the good news is there are thousands of other people just like you.

Love, then, is never far away. You just have to be looking in the right places.

It also helps if you do the basics right, which is where the following tips will come in real handy.

Your photo really does matter

Looks aren’t everything, but people still want to see you when dating online. In fact, if you upload no photo at all, your chances of connecting with a good match are reduced by over half.

Choose a photo where you are smiling – and make sure it is recent. A photo taken up to 12 months ago is fine, so long as you haven’t changed in appearance too much.

Here’s an example of a good profile photo:

Profile photo

Basically, it should be a headshot and you should be smiling in it! (The dog’s cute too).

Always mention your interests in your bio

Love Bach? How about riding horses? Bowling? Racing driving? Or, perhaps you just like going on walks with your dog? Whatever floats your boat, make sure you mention it in your bio.

The reason you should do this is that your personal interests can help create a connection with other people.

Quite often with mature local dating, you’ll find the first thing people message you about is the common interests you share. By mentioning your interests, you maximise the chances of matching up with someone.

Make sure you check in regularly

You have a busy life. We get it. But, you should make the effort to log in to your dating profile every so often to see what’s what.

New members join up to our dating platform all the time and you might not receive notifications if you have opted out. Check-in regularly to make the most of mature dating.

Don’t be scared to start the conversation

Waiting around to be contacted works for some people, but it’s a slow process. You’re best off starting the conversation yourself. Not everyone you talk to will turn out to be a good match, but at least by starting the conversation yourself you’ll be on the front foot.

Just remember to keep tabs on who is who and who you are messaging. There’s nothing worse than sending the wrong message to the wrong person.

Not everyone you meet will be perfect

Just like speed dating, online dating can yield plenty of duds … you know, the kind of people you really find quite boring or brash. It’s important, therefore, to approach mature dating with an open mind and remember that not everyone is perfect. Everyone has flaws.

Of course, you probably know what you like, which is why our dating platform allows you to filter your member search results. You can search by location using a postcode, as well as by height, weight, hair colour, gender, age, education, interests and much more.

Don’t be afraid to meet up

Stepping outside the safety of online dating can be quite daunting, and especially if you haven’t gone on a date in a long time!

The best advice we can give you here is to explore yourself and arrange to meet up with your head held high. Both you and your date are, after all, getting together for the same thing. You share a common interest, and that is that you are both looking for companionship.

Sex doesn’t have to be a hush-hush topic

Mature dating tips

When you do meet up, you might find yourselves talking about sex. Or, you might have already talked about it by messaging each other.

Whatever the case, sex does not have to be a hush-hush topic with mature dating. You are both adults, and adults have needs. It is only natural that if you are attracted to one another, you eventually talk about sex. Who knows, it could lead to the real thing!

Don’t forget about distance with mature dating

Driving 200 miles whenever you want to see each other is hardly the start of a healthy relationship. Of course, distance is nothing when it comes to love, but dating itself is made much easier if you stick to a radius of, say, 10 miles from where you live.

That’s why our dating platform is so good. Sign up for a free account with us, and you can search for members by postcode for free. Simply enter your postcode to get started. Easy!