9 Mature Dating Habits You Should Know

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Mature men and women date very differently to younger people. With age comes experience, and with experience comes a very different approach. This approach is subtler and much more personality focused. That’s not to say looks don’t matter, but they are less important than an intellectual connection.

Mature dating is, therefore, more focused on personality than looks. But there are some much more interesting habits you need to know about. If you’re a mature man or woman yourself, read on to find out about them.

Time matters

Mature dating always has a time factor. This comes from the fact the people doing it are mature and have probably lived half a life already. Therefore, they don’t like wasting time on people they don’t connect with the first time. Second chances take longer than moving on, so mature people tend to get through more conversations and dates than younger people, who are easier to please and woo.

Mature people know what they want

Experience tells here. Having lived and loved (probably) many times before, mature women and mature men know what they want. Whether that’s a 50-something blonde with a degree or a 60-year old carpenter, mature people can get very specific. Most mature dates want an intellectual connection more than anything else, and our dating platform is perfect for this because you can search by education.

Mature people are more private

While younger people ‘spill the beans’ rather easily over a drink, mature women and men tend to be more private. This comes with age, and grace. Mature people are less likely to kiss and tell and share private matters. It takes longer for them to open up, which is why it can take a while for mature relationships to prosper. The good news is ‘opening up’ happens in time and you can still form rapport online.

Mature women are attracted to confidence

This applies specifically to mature women, who are highly attracted to confident people. This does not mean ‘strong’ or ‘husky’ people. It simply means ‘confident’, i.e. confident in your own skin and about yourself. Confidence is SEXY. As a man (or woman), you can use this to your advantage with a great profile picture and a strong introduction to who you are and what you do. Basically, be yourself, but confidently!

The words “I love you” do not come easily

Love is earned. It grows over time. It is nurtured. It does not happen overnight, despite romantics saying otherwise (as pleasant as it sounds). Mature men and women know this all too well. They are therefore unlikely to say “I love you” for some time – at least not until after a few months. If love comes sooner that’s fine and dandy, but it’s the words that are difficult to say. After all, love also leads to heartbreak.

Mature people are much more committed and patient

Everyone wants to be loved, and something you learn with age is that to find it, you have to be committed. This means persevering and seeing conversations through and waiting for people to respond. Younger people want everything INSTANTLY but mature dating is relaxed by comparison. The men and women looking for love who are over 50 and 60 are patient and in the dating game for the long run.

Restaurants, pubs and bars are the top first date destinations

First dates can be beautiful, but they can also be drab. Mature dating often sees people meet at restaurants, pubs, and bars for something to drink and eat. These are great places to get started because they give you the opportunity to dress up and look your best. A lot of people aren’t confident enough to go horse riding on their first date, which is absolutely fine. Besides, who doesn’t love some great pub grub?

Interests ARE interesting

What you find interesting makes you unique. If everyone liked steam trains, cats and painting, everyone would get on but what a boring world it would be. Mature dating is highly focused on interests and hobbies. Two people who share interest will always get on brilliantly. Mature people are interested in interests because they understand these are what make us unique. So, make sure you share your interests. 

Musical tastes are always best matched

Mature couples who enjoy the same music tend to enjoy longer happier relationships. Music always gives two people something to share and enjoy together, no matter what is happening in their lives. The good news is whether you enjoy jazz, classical, opera, heavy metal or folk, here will be someone out there for you. Sign up to Mature Dating Site to find that someone. It’s free, so you’ve nothing to lose!